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 Pre-Camp for all guard, percussion, & new members                      Wed 7/17 - Thurs 7/18                             8a - 12p

 Band Camp week 1                                              Mon 7/22 - Fri 7/26                                8a - 5p

 Band Camp week 2                                             Mon 7/28 - Thurs 8/1                              8a - 9p

 Home Game vs. Grainger                                  Friday, 8/23                               Call Time, 5:30p

 Away Game @ Union                                         Friday, 8/30                              Call Time, 5:30p

Event details are subject to change
Check back for updates

Specific times for events will be given at least one week prior to the scheduled event.
 Students are responsible for knowing specific call/arrival times given by the director.

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